Кафедра геологии и геохимии полезных ископаемых
Petroleum geology department
Geological Faculty of Moscow State University
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The second geological practice, Crimea

Location of practice - Crimean scientific study geological base of Professor A. Bogdanov, located in v. Prokhladnoe Bakhchisaray district of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in Ukraine.


The aim of the practice is the development of field methods of geological research by methods of geological mapping, allowing a complete picture of the geological structure of the training ground and the history of its geological development, as well as the development of skills of safe methods of field work.

Practical problems are:

1) the study and description of the individual geological outcrops, making the stratigraphic sections and based on their correlation to establish facies variability of sediments and composite stratigraphic section;

2) establish the forms of magmatism, its place and role in the structure and history of the area;

3) identifying the nature of the tectonic structure of the region;

4) establishment of areal distribution and relationships of different ages and genesis formations by methods of geological mapping;

5) the development of the principles of geological interpretation of aerial photographs and phototheodolite;

6) restore the geological history of the region;

7) identifying the links of the landforms with the geological structure;

8) investigation of the occurrence of minerals and their connection with the characteristics of the geological structure;

9) acquaintance with the issues of protection of the geological objects and the environment;

10) the development of rules for the preparation and presentation of geological reports, mapping and other geological charts.

The practice is based on the course materials: structural geology and geological mapping, geological history, general geology, paleontology, and the foundations of geodesy satellite imagery and mineralogy.

Practices include the following activities:

1) the collection, processing and ordering of the actual and literary material;

2) the study of the geological structure and geological mapping at a scale of 1:25 000 the landfill;

3) self-study students;

4) writing a geological report on the results of the practice;

5) preparation of the accompanying and resulting geological graphics;

6) study of safe methods and techniques of field work.

Type of control (control, workshops, tests, exams):

During practice performed an interim test colloquium, and it ends with a differentiated set-off and consider for assessment of the constituent parts of practice.

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