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New Ideas in Petroleum Geology

25 March 2013

Petroleum Geology Department invites You for the plenary session and the workshop

«New Ideas in Petroleum Geology» devoted to the 60th anniversary of the Department

May 30 – 31st, Faculty of Geology, Lomonosov Moscow State University

May 30, 10.00 - plenary session

(MSU main building, room 611)

During the last 60 years Petroleum Geology Department has been preparing a lot of professional experts and scientists. The department has been taking part in the many exploration projects of oil, gas and coal. As a result the powerful scientific and laboratory potential was formed which contribute to the exploration both onshore and offshore basins. Besides the regional basin analysis there is strong evaluation of unconventional resources including shale oils, heavy oils and tight reservoirs. These scientific issues will be discussed during our workshop as well as the results of our activity during the last years.

May 31st, 10.00 round tables:

1. Exploration of giant oil and gas fields in the new regions

2. Unconventional hydrocarbon resources

3 . Coal and gases of coal fields

1. Exploration of giant oil and gas fields in new regions

Basin analysis. Distribution of hydrocarbon resources in the Russian Arctic, Far East and Eastern Siberia basins.

Hydrocarbon source rocks and petroleum systems. Basin modeling.

Sequence stratigraphy. Resource assessments and hydrocarbon forecast.

2. Unconventional hydrocarbon resources

New ideas in exploration of shale oil. Shale oils of Bazhenov, Maikop and Domanic formations.

Tight reservoirs

Bitumen and highly-viscous oils

Gas hydrates

3. Coal and gases of coal fields

Oil-gas-coal fields of Russia. Geochemical studies of coals.

Coal bed formations as sources of hydrocarbon fluids. Gases of coal fields.

Coal petrography.

Rare metals in the coal fields and their resource potential

Contact information:

Address: Leninskie Gory 1, MSU main building

Faculty of Geology, room 611.

administrative secretary:

Poludetkina Elena+7 926 317-52-85,

In 1945 the famoust petroleum geologist Ignaty Brod formed the Department of Natural Gas. later, in 1953 the Department received the name "Petroleum Geology". Scientific laboratories of geology and geochemistry of oil, gas and coal were created, which work till present time. For many years the Petroleum Geology Department have benn preparing the specialists for oil and gas industry

Professional petroleum geologists are being prepared within the Petroleum Geology department based on the fundamental knowledge and experience of research and industrial work.

We are glad to cooperate and are ready to make the contribution to development of research and production capacity of the petroleum industry.

Head of Petroleum Geology Department

professor Antonina Stoupakova

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25 March 2013 New Ideas in Petroleum Geology

Petroleum Geology Department

invites You for the plenary session and the workshop

«New Ideas in Petroleum Geology»

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