Кафедра геологии и геохимии полезных ископаемых
Petroleum geology department
Geological Faculty of Moscow State University
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Peculiarity of highly professional oil geologists training within Petroleum Geology department is the opportunity for the future professionals to gain fundamental knowledge and to learn how to use it during practical innovation activities, so that they can play a full role in the development of oil and gas industry.

Petroleum Geology department of the geological faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University is well known for its fundamental education and scientific and production experience in accordance with up-to-date objectives of oil and gas industry.

Modern laboratory equipment of the department is an essential part of the educational process. It allows to process actual material in accordance with time requirements.


25 March 2013 «New Ideas in Petroleum Geology»

Petroleum Geology Department

invites You for the plenary session and the workshop

«New Ideas in Petroleum Geology»

25 January 2013 English version

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