Кафедра геологии и геохимии полезных ископаемых
Petroleum geology department
Geological Faculty of Moscow State University
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Congratulations from dean of geological faculty

academician Dmitry Pushcharovsky

Dear friends!

Let me congratulate you on the outstanding event in your lifes – graduation from the First Russian university and one of the largest its faculties. Being a graduate of Moscow State University is a great honor and you should follow the ideology of Winner, leading to success and fortune the people, who deserve it.

At all times in the biography of each person student days are the happiest. I believe that years spent in the university have thrown us together forever. Remember that you will always find support in the University and together we will overcome all the difficulties of life.

Now you are entering a new independent life. This is an interesting part of life route and I wish each kilometer being marked with outcome, bringing you satisfaction and joy and people, with whom you can share this happiness, being always next to you.

Diploma of MSU is a real treat. You have successfully overcome an important life stage. Regardless of grades you have learnt about our profession. Like all previous generations of our graduates you visited unforgettable practice in Crimea. Years of study are difficult years. Was everything perfect? Everyone has his own answer. But all of you agree that University played an essential role in your lifes.

Geology is the way of life full of optimism. I wish you happiness and good luck. I want to convey my congratulations to your relatives, who have experienced all the difficulties of learning with you. I believe in you, your success and wish you all the best.

Your Dean,

Dmitry Pushcharovsky


25 March 2013 «New Ideas in Petroleum Geology»

Petroleum Geology Department

invites You for the plenary session and the workshop

«New Ideas in Petroleum Geology»

25 January 2013 English version

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