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Geological Faculty of Moscow State University
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In 1945 the famoust petroleum geologist Ignaty Brod formed the Department of Natural Gas. later, in 1953 the Department  received the name "Petroleum Geology". Scientific laboratories of geology and geochemistry of oil, gas and coal were created, which work till present time. For many years the Petroleum Geology Department have benn preparing the specialists for oil and gas industry.

Professional petroleum geologists are being prepared within the Petroleum Geology  department based on the fundamental knowledge and experience of research and industrial work.

We are glad to cooperate and are ready to make the contribution to development of research and production capacity of the petroleum industry.

 Head of Petroleum Geology Department

professor Antonina Stoupakova

Heads of department

Ignaty Brod Nikolay Vassoevich Vladimir Semenovich Boris Sokolov Mikhail Ivanov Antonina Stoupakova
1944-1962 1963-1981 1982-1992 1992-2004 2004-2012 since 2012

Department of Petroleum geology was formed in 1945 by famous oil and gas geologist Ignatiy Brod as a department of natural gas. In 1953 the department got its present name Petroleum geology department and three research laboratories of oil, gas and coal have been created. During for many years the Petroleum geology department has been preparing the specialists for oil and gas industry on exploration of oil, gas and coal. More than 1500 graduators have been working in different oil and gas companies and scientific research institutes in Russia, in the Former Soviet Union republics and abroad.

The main subjects of the Petroleum geology department are the following: Geology and geochemistry of oil and gas, Geology of coal and fuel shale and Geology of offshore oil and gas fields. Since 2003 the Department of Geology and geochemistry of fuel resources has been preparing the masters on ecology in oil and gas.

The graduators of the Petroleum geology department have got both fundamental basic and special oil and gas knowledge. They may apply their experience to the exploration and development of hydrocarbons. Active collaboration of the Department of Geology and geochemistry of fuel resources with Russian and foreign oil and gas companies allows to prepare experienced specialists, who are ready to work in the oil and gas industry. Modern laboratory equipment is a part of the educational process. Students use the laboratory for analytical work under the current projects with oil and gas companies and research institutes.


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Petroleum Geology Department

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